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John Krasinski
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17th-Jan-2009 01:03 am - New Office Community!!!!
Darren - Singing

Calling all Office fans!!!

I've created a new community with the help of lilplaiddress. It's called officeolympics

It's a new community that let's you enter your Office Fanart into various challenges that will allow you to compete with other members to be the winner of that challenge. We will hold multiple challenges Please head over to the community to read more.


Please join! The more, the merrier!
8th-Jan-2009 06:13 am - Jim/Pam Mood Theme
doctor who ⇁ rose

@ my journal here
10th-Nov-2008 09:54 pm - NEW Blackberry Commercial!
Darren - Singing
Just now during Heroes, there was a brand new, and longer, blackberry storm commercial!!!!!

Did anyone else see it?!


1-10 Doctor Who/David Tennant
11-29 The Office Season 5 (possible spoilers)
30-48 Rachel Weisz

the rest HERE @ [info]torchcreativity

20th-Oct-2008 01:42 am - PICSPAM
Glee ; Finn x Rachel ; support


Thirty eight collages to celebrate John's birthday.
7th-Oct-2008 01:22 am - New John Commercial!
Darren - Singing

Soooo, I really don't watch How I Met Your Mother all that much, but I did today (while procrastinating doing my hw) and I saw this commercial for the new Blackberry Storm...I watched it (well, more like half listened/watched it) and chuckled about the fact the guy was all "hey what's so great about another blackberry?" and then he picks it up and says "woah." yeah, that's me and my odd humor for you. So a little while ago I was reading the tag board over at johnkrasinski.net and they were talking about how john was in a blackberry commercial... and I thought to myself "wait a minute, didn't I see a new blackberry commercial?" So off to youtube I go and Da Da-Da DA! I find a video of the commerical and sure enough! It's John Krasinski!

Here is the video:

Edit: here is a better qualtiy

40 Multi-Fandom
7 The Office (US)
3 John Krasinski
3 MC Lars
1 Scrubs
3 The Host (Wanda)
7 Barack Obama
1 Rocky & Bullwinkle
4 Stock: Miscellaneous
2 Threadless
1 Twilight (Text-Only)
4 Internet Acronyms
3 Geek (Text-Only)


i remember when i used to be into nostalgia. )
16th-Sep-2008 11:33 pm - John Fic
 Hey everyone! Im new to this community, and also new to writing fanfic but I figured where better to test my skills then with true JKRAS fans. 

My story (called Big City) is posted on my journal. Its 5 chapters so far, but Im definitely wanting to add to that. Id love any feedback!

6th-Sep-2008 11:35 pm - icons.
[tv] grey's; for your sake
john krasinski candid icons - random.
patrick dempsey/ellen pompeo

here at my icon journal deals_adeal 

31st-Aug-2008 11:58 pm - jim halpert themed icons
(♜) colin. every now and again
[64] jim halpert icons for icons100

the rest are here at wewerefighters
21st-Aug-2008 04:01 pm - icons
© heartoutofstone
Milo Ventimigla
Jensen Ackles
Kristen Bell
John Krasinski
Ben Mckenzie



14th-Aug-2008 06:40 pm - BFFs John and Will
futurama little man
[1 - 4] John Simm
[5 - 8] The Soup

[9 - 13] John Krasinski and Will Arnett



The rest of the icons are this way.
Keane: Under the Iron Sea
Got bored and opened up Facebook's Graffiti application to pass the time.

This happened:

Who has two thumbs and hates Todd Packer?Collapse )
11th-Aug-2008 11:10 pm - Icons
Seth Rogen
[8] John Krasinski
[24] Monica Bellucci
[43] Scarlett Johansson


More John here
Or @ letarantino
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